EuroSPI² 2022 Quiz Rewards

The EuroSPI Knowledge Game

Content Related

The EuroSPI App game will publish questions related to the EuroSPI SPRINGER book from the previous year. Per chapter (thematic topic) questions will be asked which you can answer when reading the articles / chapters in the SPRINGER book. Since there are 10 thematic topics there will be 10 such groups of questions.


Starting from mid March every 2 weeks a further chapter is opened and you can play the game.

Faster answers means more points

The first 5 who answer get more points than those that answer later.

Score Board

From the App you can open the score board and you can see your current position.


The first three places win gold, the next three places win silver, and the next 4 places win bronze.

The Price Winners (first 10 places)

Price winner types

The first 10 places will be classified as winners. The places 1 - 3 are gold, the places 4 - 6 win silver, and the places 6-10 win bronze.

Prices Display

The 10 winners will be displayed and announced at the conference kick off event.

The name badge will display the App Game gold, silver, bronze label.

The winners will receive a EuroSPI Gamer Certificate showing their position.

Gift On-site (EuroSPI coins and EuroSPI Gamer Bank)

Gold wins 200 EuroSPI coins. Silver wins 150 EuroSPI coins. Bronze wins 100 EuroSPI coins. And there is a list of items worth EuroSPI coins which you can select. To use the EuroSPI coins requires that you attend the conference onsite and get the selected articles onsite. EuroSPI coins remain valid in the EuroSPI bank, so you can gather more coins and select more articles at e.g. next year EuroSPI conference. The articles are updated every year and depend on the typical products of the region where the EuroSPI conference takes place.

Bottle of price winning red wine from Winzer Krems, 50 EuroSPI coins.

Bottle of price winning white wine from Winzer Krems, 50 EuroSPI coins.

Taking your partner to the social event at the Hofburg on 2.9.2021, 100 EuroSPI coins.

Taking your partner to the social event at the Wine Cellar on 1.9.2021, 50 EuroSPI coins.

Participating at a golf event at a golf course close to Krems (we pay green fee and lunch) on 4.9.2021, 200 EuroSPI coins.

Famous Marille Schnapps (appricots) from this area along the Danube, 100 EuroSPI coins.

Austrian chocolate box from Salzburg/Vienna (Mozartkugeln/Taler), 50 EuroSPI coins

Austrian chocolate box from Graz (Grazer Taler), 50 EuroSPI coins

Famous Marille (appricots) jam from this area along the Danube, 50 EuroSPI coins.