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EuroAsiaSPI 2022 Host Institution

Grenoble INP Genie-Industriel

Google address for Grenoble INP Conference Location

46 Av. Félix Viallet, 38000 Grenoble, France


EuroAsiaSPI 2023 Location in the Campus

The conference is in the Grenoble INP G-SCOP building.

You enter at 46 Av. Félix Viallet and turn left inside the campus.

You can download the ONSITE ROOM PLAN (will be provided in June 2023).


EuroAsiaSPI 2023 Travel Guide for Social Events

There will be two social events.  On Wednesday the conference will visit a famous brewery Les 3 Brasseurs - The Art to Make Beer. The local transport takes from the conference location 5 minutes walking to the train, 17 minutes (train) or 30 minutes (tram), and 4 minutes walking from the Echirolles train station to the brewery.
On Thursday the conference will visit the Grenoble Bastille. The famous cable car to the Bastille is 7 minutes walking distance from the conference location, and 5 minutes by local transport and we plan to organise a guided city tour starting from the conference location and ending at the cable car.


How to get to Grenoble INP Genie - Industriel

See the page concerning travel to Grenoble.

EuroAsiaSPI 2023 Covid Rules (in case needed)

In case (like we already performed at EuroSPI 2020 and 2021) Covid19 is still an issue, we will install a contingency plan and prepare onsite rules to follow. We hope that August - September 2023 Covid19 is no issue any more..