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EuroAsiaSPI 2022 Host Institution

Paracelsus Medical University

Link to PMU

Strubergasse 22, Haus C

5020 Salzburg



EuroAsiaSPI 2022 Location in the Campus

The conference is in the house C of the campus

House C in the Campus and Basement Jörg Rehn Auditorium

You can download the ONSITE ROOM PLAN (will be provided in June 2022).


EuroAsiaSPI 2022 Travel Guide for Social Events

There will be two social events.  On Wednesday the conference will have a guided city tour and visit the Stiegl Brewery.  On Thursday there will be a reception at the Salzburg Dome Residence and after that there will be a dinner at the St. Peter Kulinarium in the historical city center of Salzburg.


How to get to the Paracelsus Medical University

By taxi from the Salzburg Airport to the EuroSPI 2022 Conference Venue:

The conference venue is approximately 5 km from Salzburg airport. A taxi takes ca. 8 minutes. Or you take the S-Bahn from the airport to Salzburg Roseggerstrasse and from there is a walking distance of 350 m.


EuroAsiaSPI 2022 Covid Rules (in case needed)

In case (like we already performed at EuroSPI 2020 and 2021) Covid19 is still an issue, we will install a contingency plan and prepare onsite rules to follow. We hope that until September 2022 Covid19 is no issue any more..