Conference Programme

Program Architecture

EuroAsiaSPI² 2022 (31.8.-2.9.2022) will have 10 international thematic workshop streams supported by thematic topic communities. Each thematic stream integrates both, research sessions and industry / applied science sessions. The thematic streams will be a mix of pitch talks provoking discussions, full presentations and panel discussions which will focus on specific questions of interest. In addition there will be a half day about new research and industry project and funding proposal ideas. Streams might run longer than one day depending on the size of the community and contributions.

Each thematic workshop covers specific thematic topics and mixes research and industry presentations/discussions on that specific topic:

Topic: Emerging and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Software Engineering

Topic: E-Mobility, Digitilisation of Industry, Infrastructure, and E-Mobility

Topic: Good Process Improvement Practices (all Branches)

Topic: Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, ADAS, and SOTIF

Topic: Agile and Lean

Topic: International Standards and Norms and Assessment Experiences & Automotive SPICE

Topic: Team Skills, Accessability, and Diversity

Topic: Innovations - Business Models for E-Mobility

Topic: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Topic: Medical Big Data and IT Systems and Standards

Topic: New Proposals/Ideas for the Future


Submitted research papers will be assigned to one of the 10 topics and will be integrated into a mix of industry and research presentations. This supports the ideas of EuroSPI to empower the communication between research and industry.

Submitted workshop/industry/applied science papers will also be assigned to one of the 10 topics and will be integrated into a mix of industry and research presentations. This supports the ideas of EuroSPI to empower the communication between research and industry.

Associated Technology Day - Pre-Conference Event (29.8.2022)

The associated technology day will be a half day online event on 29.8.2022, with key note speakers from leading Automotive suppliers or manufacturers. It can be attended free of cost. A link to the online conference will be published and the access to the presentations and discussions will be free. There are key note presentations and content based webinar sessions. Key note sessions are from leading industry or experts, and webinar sessions are presenting first and then using tools to which attendees can access in a gamified scenario. This pre-conference event on 29.8.2022 is free of cost.

See the technology day page.

Program Overview - Days 1 to 3 (31.8.-2.9.2021)

The conference will have 4 parallel streams. On days 1 and 2 there are 4 parallel thematic workshops/streams. Each stream contains a mix of research and industry/applied science papers/presentations. Also each stream contains a mix of pitch talks (show key message and discuss) and full presentations. Also there will be one special session for discussing new funding proposals and finding partners for ideas. The future conference strategy of EuroASiaSPI² is to gather core topics and build communities around the core thematic topics. Leading industry and research lead the thematic topic streams. On day 3 in the morning there will be 4 thematic topic streams and in the afternoon 2 thematic topic streams.

Also EuroAsiaSPI² continuously builds the SPI strategy and understanding in Europe and the world and continues to promote and develop the SPI Manifesto.

Attendees can book single days, any combination of 2 days, or all 3 days.

You can download the ONSITE ROOM PLAN (link will be provided from August 2022).

Please read the GUIDELINE for ONLINE and ONSITE SPEAKERS (link will be provided from June 2022) and in case you are an online presenter use one of the dry runs announced in the guideline.

You can download the COVID19 onsite guideline and please read it and follow the onsite rules. These rules are obsolete if there is no Covid pandemic any more by summer 2022.

Note: The below is only a preliminary structure of the program. Depending on the number of submissions and accepted papers/contributions the time slots for the workshops will be planned. So please wait until end of June 2022 until you see which workshop is placed on which days. E.g. if one workshop has a lot of accepted  contributions it might last 1.5 days, while another one with few key contributions accepted might be only half a day. An optimised conference plan considering the timing and number of contributions will be established in May - Jun 2022 period and published in June 2022.

08.00 - 09.00
10.30 - 11.00
Coffee Break
12.30 - 14.00
Lunch Break
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee Break
08.00 - 08.40
08.40 - 09.00
Opening by Paracelsus Medical University University, Prim. Univ.Prof. Dr Herbert Reitsamer
EuroSPI, Dr Richard Messnarz, Chair,
Automotive Skills Alliance, Dr Jakub Stolfa, ASA Director,
iNTACS, Bernhard Sechser, Advisory Board Member,
Samer Sameh, New Egypt SPI Community Joining EuroSPI
09.00 - 09.45
Key Note 2: VR Digitalisierung & Innovation of Medical Systems, Prim. Univ.Prof. Dr. Herbert Reitsamer, Paracelsus Medical University, Austria
10.00 - 11.00
-Room B
EU Project Manager Certification
11.00 - 11.30
Coffee Break
11.30 - 12.30
12.30 - 14.00
Lunch Break
14.00 - 14.45
Key Note 3: to be announced

14.45 - 15.30
Key Note 4: to be announced
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee Break
19.30 - 20.30
Salzburg Dome Residence Welcome by Salzburg and Short Classical Concert
and moving to St Peter Kulinarium for Dinner, it is a 2 minutes walk to the restaurant
08.00 - 09.00
11.00 - 11.15
Coffee Break
11.15 - 12.00
Key Note 5: to be announced
12.00 - 13.15
Lunch Break
15.30 - 16.00
Rory O Connor paper Award and Best paper Award together with the ASQ and Outlook to 2023 in Munich, Germany.