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We believe that networking and creating research and business relationships is important to create a sustainable community for improvement and innovation. While the conference offers ideas, presentations, discussions, knowledge during the day, the social talks after the conference are equally important to establish trust and partnerships. We also believe that Europe integrates many regions with different cultures and to build European trust based partnerships we need to learn about the culture of regions. So please join the networking space and social events.

2022 Social Events

Europe has many different regional cultures and customs, and still we need to work together in the EU frameworks. Already at the start of EuroAsiaSPI² in 1994 it was decided to place the conference  in a different region every year and that the local host organises social events that help us to learn about the hosting culture, the traditions, history and the local food. This has a large influence on what social events EuroAsiaSPI² offers.

This year we will explore Salzburg, and the famous Stiegl brewery, the Salzburg Dome Residence with classical music, and dinner at one of the oldest famous restaurants of Salzburg..

Salzburg, a historical place with culture


Salzburg at the Salzach River

Salzburg is located along the Salzburg river with famous cultural events (Mozart is son of the city) and with one of the most impressive fortresses, Salzburg Castle, from medieval times.

Salzburg in Wikipedia

Salzburg in Britannica

Salzburg in UNESCO World Heritage Site Statement

Salzburg cultural festival


Social Event on the Second Conference Day (1.9.2022)
Social event date changed to 1.9. due to availability of the Salzburg Dome Residence for EuroSPI 


Stiegl is a privately owned Brewery since 1492

A good beer consists exclusively of hops, water, yeast and malt, as defined in the purity law of 1516.

18.00 Conference finishes

The bus (electric bus called O-Bus) takes between 14 and 20 minutes from PMU to the Stieglkeller Restaurant

20.00 Dinner at Stiegl Keller Restaurant

Festungsgasse 10
A-5020 Salzburg

In Stieglkeller tradition meets modernity. The traditional handcraft of brewery meets the modern gastronomy. This combination is worth to visit and makes every stay unforgettable!


Social Event on the First Conference Day (31.8.2022)
Social event date changed to 31.8. due to availability of the Salzburg Dome Residence for EuroSPI


Salzburg Dome Residence (Classical Music)

On the evening of the second Conference Day we will be invited to the Salzburg Dome Residence and have a classical concert

18.00 Conference finishes

The bus (electric bus called O-Bus) takes between 11 and 17 minutes from PMU to the Dome Quarter

19.30 Salzburg Dome Residence Welcome by Salzburg and Short Classical Concert

20.30 Moving to St Peter Kulinarium for Dinner, it is a 2 minutes walk to the restaurant



Golfers Event on the Day After the Conference Day (3.9.2020)


Salzburg is also a city of golf. ISCN staff member Tobias Zehetner is golfer and will lead conference participants to one of the golf courses on Saturday after the conference. If you are interested, join Tobias.

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