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Proceedings Publication

Research papers describe innovative and significant work in software process improvement, which is relevant to the software industry. The papers should be readable for a scientific and industrial audience and support claims with appropriately described evidence or references to relevant literature. 18 selected papers will be published in the Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series. CCIS is a spin off from LNCS and the same typing instructions apply as for the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series.

Research papers shall reference previous articles from the thematic workshops, find below the online links to the SPRINGER books of the last 10 years. 

EuroSPI 2004 LNCS 3281 | EuroSPI 2005 LNCS 3792 | EuroSPI 2006 LNCS 4257 | EuroSPI 2007 978-3-540-75381-0 | EuroSPI 2008 978-3-540-85936-9  | EuroSPI 2009 978-3-642-04133-4 | EuroSPI 2010 978-3-642-15666-3 | EuroSPI 2011 978-3-642-22206-1 | EuroSPI 2012 978-3-642-31199-4 | EuroSPI 2013 978-3-642-39179-8 | EuroSPI 2014 978-3-662-43896-1 | EuroSPI 2015 978-3-319-24647-5 | EuroSPI 2016 978-3-319-44817-6 | EuroSPI 2017 978-3-319-64218-5 | EuroSPI 2018 978-3-319-97925-0 | EuroSPI 2019 978-3030280048 | EuroSPI 2020 978-3-030-56441-4 | EuroSPI 2021 978-3-030-85521-5 | EuroSPI 2022 10.1007/978-3-031-15559-8


Research papers shall reference previous articles from the Wiley journal of EuroSPI:

Wiley 2020, Wiley 2019Wiley 2018Wiley 2016 , Wiley 2015Wiley 2014Wiley 2013Wiley 2012Wiley 2011Wiley 2010Wiley 2009Wiley 2009 2ndWiley 2008Wiley 2007Wiley 2006Wiley 2004


Research Paper Upload

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When uploading your paper please a prefix in the filename that allows us to immediately filter on the server the papers by a prefix.

If you submit a paper for a topic please use the topic number Top1 (Emerging and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Software Engineering), Top2 (Emobility & Digitilisation), Top3 (SPI Manifesto Update), Top4 (Safety, Security, SOTIF), Top5 (Agile and Lean), Top6 (Standards and Assessments), Top7 (Diversity and Team Skills), Top8 innovation, Top9 (VR and AR), Top10 (new ideas and proposals).

e.g. Top4_FunctionalSafetyDesignPatterns.docx

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Research Paper Topics

Assessment and Process Models
- Automotive SPICE
- VDA Guidelines for Automotive SPICE
- ISO/IEC 330xx series
-IATF 16949
- ISO 27000
- SAEJ3061
- IEC 61508
- ISO 26000
- ISO 21434
- ISO/IEC 15288
- ISO 26262:2018
- ISO 20000

Knowledge Alliance for Automotive
- Functional Safety
- IT Security Framework
- Lean Six Sigma
- Automotive SPICE
- Cybersecurity
- Agile


People Issues
- Social Networking Strategies
- Social Responsibility
- Dissemination Networks
- Multicultural Issues


SPI Manifesto
- Values
- Principlesy
SPI Manifesto
- Case studies to prove the principles

Improvement Case Studies
- Implementing SPICE
- Implementing Safety
- Implementing Cybersecurity
- Implementing Agile
- Requirements Management
- Testing
- Design
- Knowledge Management
- Team Learning
- Measurement
- Configuration Management
- Risk Management
- Requirements Elicitation
- Implementing IT Security
- Implementing Sustainability
- Assessment Experiences
 Experiences in Branches
- Automotive - Finance
- Medical - Electronics
- Nuclear - Aerospace
- Motorsport - Defence
- Software Development
 System Process Improvement
- System Design Strategies
- Complex Systems
- Reliability
- Availability
- Functional Safety
- Product Design Strategies
- Service Strategies
- Networked Collaboration Principles


Review Process

All papers will be reviewed by at least two members of the EuroAsiaSPI² programme committee. Papers will be evaluated according to originality, significance of the contribution, quality of written and graphical presentation, research method applied and appropriateness of comparison to relevant research and literature.

Please also read the submission guidelinesMore...

Journal Publication

EuroSPI² 2023 editorial teams will select papers from the book and propose an extended version (50% must be different) to be published in a journal. From 2004 onward EuroSPI² collaborates with WILEY Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (SPI Best Practices),. More cooperations will be announced.

This means that additionally ca. max. 10  articles will be selected for submission of a minimum 50% extended journal publication. For each journal there will be an extra call. Submission of papers is through the EuroSPI submission process.